Router swap

  Blubottle 23 Oct 12

Hi I have been having internet disconnection problems with my Netgear DG 834G v4 router, I have a spare DG 834G V2 should I be able to just swap them over for test purposes without any re-installation tinkering regards

  lotvic 23 Oct 12

Yes if it was previously set up with your ISP and you were using it. Make a note of all the settings in your Netgear Homepage so you can compare them with your spare DG in case of problems with router to ISP

  Blubottle 23 Oct 12

thanks for that, the problem was that the internet light went red and net connection was lost after a couple of reboots still no joy, swapped over to spare which is a slightly different version (v2) although all lights lit up no connection either wireless and or ethernet after about 30 mins of tinkering I put the old one back and all ok. I think that maybe some over heating is taking place. I want to establish ISP fault or hardware, this problem happens intermittently and I have been blaming my ISP.

  Batch 24 Oct 12

Possibly a damaged cable from your telephone line box?

  Forum Editor 24 Oct 12

"....this problem happens intermittently and I have been blaming my ISP"

It might be worth asking your telephone line provider to run a line fault detection test, just to be sure. You should be able to do that on-line.

I suffered far too long with intermittent disconnects and loss of wi-fi. In the end, I got my ISP to send me another router. Problem fixed.


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