Router setup

  Blubottle 12:01 27 Jan 09

Having problems
I have just bought a Netgear Wireless G Modem router DG 834G. I am already using a USB modem for normal BB access. the idea being to change over to a router, I have unplugged the USB modem and connected up the router I have followed the installation disc instructions but during the setup I get all indicator lights on the router except the Internet light consequently during the next page of the set up procedure it reports"no cable or router detected". On checking my device manager the ethernet controller has a yellow Qestion mark against it "no drivers installed" I have gone through the setup again all with no change.
any ideas please

  MAJ 12:10 27 Jan 09

Make sure the ethernet connection is enabled in Device Manager, or in Control Panel > Network Connections, right-click and choose "Enable". What is the make and model of the ethernet card, which operating syatem are you using, see if we can find some drivers for it?

  Blubottle 12:25 27 Jan 09

many thanks I should mention that my M/B has integrated Lan peripheral, a 3 Com Lan & a NVIDIA Lan and both are switched to auto in the bios.
My O/S is win2k pro and I have an ASUS A7N8X deluxe M/B.

  MAJ 12:38 27 Jan 09

Your 3 Com LAN drivers are click here you'll have to input the product, series and model on the main page and click on LAN. Then click on the "Global" link to download.

  MAJ 12:43 27 Jan 09

That is, the product, series and model of your MB
Product = Motherboard
Series = (Slot A 462)
Model = A7N8X deluxe

  birdface 12:46 27 Jan 09

Knowing not a lot about routers I set one up for my grand Daughters last week and had the same sort of bother.The problem was that wireless was turned off on both Laptops and it was just a matter of finding out how to turn it on.both working Ok now.probably not what you are looking for but I thought that I would mention it just in case.

  Blubottle 14:00 27 Jan 09

I have downloaded said files but do not know what to do with them once unzipped

  MAJ 15:05 27 Jan 09

Go to Device manager and click on the update driver option in the Properties of your card and point it to the Unzipped folder. Or if that doesn't work, run the install.exe file in the unzipped folder.

  Blubottle 14:56 31 Jan 09

Solved problem by fitting an NIC and disabling my integrated Lans, I now have access on both Drives. As I have never used a router before I have another question. I used to access my internet connection via the USB modem by clicking on a desktop icon, with the router it is always on how do I shut down internet access when not required.

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