Router range problem

  lisabriggs1 03 Jan 11

I'm having trouble finding a router that gives me coverage all over my house. My router has to be in my office downstairs as that is where my Virgin Media cable is. The room was converted from the garage so I'm wondering if the walls are causing a problem with the range. In the room itself the signal is full and fast but next door in the lounge it drops to 'Fair' then upstairs it dissappears. I've tried the D-Link supplied by Virgin and also a Belkin which I bought yesterday expecting it to work wonders as it cost £60 but it has made no difference at all. Any suggestions? I would have thought the more expensive the router the better but is this not the case?

  mgmcc 03 Jan 11

As you have Virgin's Cable service, and will therefore be using "Cable/DSL" routers, would it be feasible to run an ethernet cable from your office/garage into the lounge? You could then use one of the routers as a "sub-router" to provide wireless connectivity in the house.

  lisabriggs1 03 Jan 11

Thanks for your reply. The only problem I have with your suggestion is I'd have to drill a hole in the wall to pass the ethernet cable through and I'm in a rented property and not sure I can do that! After doing some more digging around for solutions I learnt about wifi repeaters. Do you think I could connect one to my router downstairs and put the other one in a plug upstairs then connect another router to that one via an ethernet cable?

  mgmcc 03 Jan 11

I have no personal experience of using WiFi repeaters, but I think you still need to connect one by ethernet cable to the main router.

A possible solution though would be to use "Homeplugs" which let you network via the mains electricity wiring. Plug one into a socket in the office/garage and run an ethernet cable from the router to that. Plug a second one into a socket in the house. You can then plug a computer directly into that by ethernet cable, or plug your second router in to provide wireless connectivity.

Homeplugs click here


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