Router Questions

  Seadog 18:55 23 Feb 04

I have a four port Unex ISO50s router. Connected to this are one computer running win Xp and one running win ME, occasionally I connect a laptop running win Xp as well. All of these can access the internet via my cable modem connected to the EWAN port without any problems.
But, all indicator lights are lit on the router for all connections i.e. 10/100, link/act, and fdx/col. The lights for the EWAN connection for all three are also on. (Although the link/act light is flashing whilst the 10/100 and fdx/col lights are stable)
Is this correct? A friend says that the "col" stands for collision and therefore have I got something wrong? The same "friend" says that I should be able to share files between computers as the router also acts as a network hub.
Should I be able to use this system as a network and share files between computers?(not that I really want to do so)
I have built my own computers but know nothing at all about networks and such so if anyone can tell me what should or shouldn't be lit or whatever I would be grateful or any links to a web site explaining routers/networks.

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