Router As Firewall

  Yo Ho 03:09 06 May 04

I have been informed that a router acts as a good firewall. Is this true, and even though I don't want to link 2 puters, can I use it? Again, if so, any suggestions as to the cheapest one I could use?

  ste_bla 03:29 06 May 04

as a router connects multiple computers to the net each computer needs a seperate 'network' IP address this means that if someone was trying to connect to your computer they wouldnt be able to as they would only see the 'real' IP.

Also some routers come with built in firewalls etc.

Hope this helps if to confusing i could try n explain it again...

  ste_bla 03:37 06 May 04

ops also forgot to add you can use a router for a single pc...

i'm guessing your going for a wired router as no extra pc etc a good one i've been thinkin of buy is a DABsValue one click here

  Yo Ho 08:07 06 May 04

Thanks ste_bla. Think I get your drift. Should have said, I am on dialup, and don't forsee getting broadband round here for some time, so I take it, the one you were looking at would be no good to me. Could you recommend another. Also, if anyone trying to get in, sees only the router IP, why would they need an inbuilt firewall?

  ste_bla 08:23 06 May 04

Well if you just have a dial up then everytime you connect you get a new ip and so its hard for people to take over your comp basically just get a good software firewall (i personal surgest sygate - click here) and also a upto date virus checker (avg free edition with updates click here) both those prgos v good so no need to wast money on a router...

  Yo Ho 08:49 06 May 04

I see. Didn't realise IP changed every time. I have AVG, and Zone Alarm at the moment. How does that sound?

  Yo Ho 08:51 06 May 04

Sorry to impose again, but could you explain why a router would need an inbuilt firewall, so I will be in a position to advise m8's who have broadband please.

  hector 911 11:06 06 May 04

Far easier to have a firewall on router than have seperate firewalls on each computer

administrator has better control over network on what is allowed and all PCs connect to internet through one adsl connection

  hector 911 11:35 06 May 04

oh! I might as well add that it uses less resources of your computer by being on the router. You will als need an ethernet LAN connection on your PC or a pci LAN card or you can get a USB ethernet convertor............

  Yo Ho 11:49 06 May 04

ok guys, thanks again.

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