Router-blue lead

  tardis100 06:58 21 Mar 08

Hi Folks, somehow I've managed to lose the blue lead that came with the Router. Don't use it very often but now I want it, can't find it. It's the USB lead that goes from the Router to the Laptop. Does anyone know where I can buy another? and what is it's "proper name"? Thanks, Ben

  rawprawn 07:22 21 Mar 08

It's called an Ethernet Cable (Not USB) Any Computer shop

  Taff™ 07:24 21 Mar 08

click here for an illustration - I don`t know this supplier at all. This lead is typically the same as one used for most USB printers. You may already have one! Have a look at the router and compare it with your printer lead. You can buy them from any PC shop.

  zarobian 07:32 21 Mar 08

Raprawn suggestion is spot on.The blue lead you menioned is an Ethernet cable supplied with routers.

  tardis100 07:32 21 Mar 08

Thanks for that - it's set me on the right track - much appreciated. Ben

  Taff™ 07:33 21 Mar 08

click here for a picture of a 30m ethernet cable (RJ45)- Rawprawn may be right but some routers offer both options for connecting to the laptop. Either option shouldn`t cost you more than a fiver in the high street.

  Taff™ 07:39 21 Mar 08

If you post the make and model of the router we can tell you for sure!

  tardis100 08:52 21 Mar 08

Thanks again - the Router I have is Netgear DG834G - but now you mention Ethernet then I'm sure that that is what I need. Ben

  tardis100 09:04 21 Mar 08

Sorry - should have added - it is definitely a USB connection for the Laptop and I think an Ethernet LAN connection to the Router. Ben

  Taff™ 10:09 22 Mar 08

I`ve set up a couple of these and it`s definitely at CAT5 Ethernet cable. click here for the manual. The cable goes from your ethernet connector (next to the smaller telephone modem port) on the laptop to any of the four ethernet ports on the router/modem.

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