Router advice needed!

  sten1020 14:30 12 Nov 07

I have Virgin Media Cable, and bought a Belkin Wireless G Router (54Mbps) which connects to the cable box in a first floor room, then my PC is downstairs in another room (via 2 walls) and connects wirelessly.
The signal is always low and it often takes a while to get a connection, so I think I need a better more powerful router. I was looking at the Belkin B5DUK045 G+MIMO: for the speed it says 'faster then 802.11b' but I read that equates to about 11mbps?!! So I think I need better/faster than that?
So I am trying to decide between the Netgear WPN824 (MIMO, & 'up to 108mbps') and the D-Link DIR-635 'N'. Both same price (£69.99).
Can anyone tell me if the 'N' router is the best option in my circumstances or is the Netgear the better choice?
Also, when I choose one, do I have to buy the adaptor of the same make (to go in my PC) or can I use my existing Belkin adaptor??
Thank you in anticipation!
Regards, Mike

  RicScott 19:51 12 Nov 07

at is any environmental issues you may have...
Any cordless phones, microwave ovens, TVs etc in between you and the router?
You say that the signal goes through walls...Studded walls or brick/block walls?

  Strawballs 22:32 12 Nov 07

If you go for the 108 meg then you need to make sure that your wireless adapters will go to that speed or they will only work at 54meg.

  ambra4 01:28 13 Nov 07

Changing the router will not increase the signal strength as most router antenna only transmit at 2db output and changing to an 108Mbps router transfer rate will not increase the signal strength

108Mbps is the connect rate of the router for faster data transfer across an wireless network if the signal strength is low the connect rate will automatic decreases back to what you are getting now

If your router antenna can be removed look at replacing with a hi gain antenna which will increase the signal strength

click here

Or you can also add a Hi-Gain™ Wireless-G Range Extender

click here

Check this posting

click here

I have use both of these products and never had any problems with the Hawking equipment it just sit in the corner and work

You will have to upgrade the firmware in the Hawking Hi-Gain™ Wireless-G Range Extender to get the max range

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