Rotating video image 90 degrees

  Roy* 10:13 08 Feb 11

My son’s trying to edit a load of video clips that a friend took on i-phone. The clips are in Quick Time format so after much trial an error we managed to find some free software to convert it to a wmv so he can edit it on some movie software. The problem is that the original clips were taken with the camera held in portrait orientation so when converting the Quick Time to wmv the video are now rotated through 90 degrees (on their side). With picture editing software you can rotate the image but I can’t find this feature on video players? Or do we need Quick Time Pro editor and do the editing in the original format?

Any tips people?

  Woolwell 14:03 08 Feb 11

You don't state which software that you are trying to edit it on. Which OS too?

  Terry Brown 14:28 08 Feb 11

One of the quickest (and easiest) is to use Google Picassa. It is a free dowmload, and not restricted in a ny way.

  Roy* 14:29 08 Feb 11

It's on XP, I'm not at home now so can't remember for sure the editing software but it's something like 'windows movie maker' a basic free download programe just to patch together clips into one film.

  Proclaimer 14:32 08 Feb 11

Windows XP Built in Movie Maker is your friend here. That will do the rotation for you.

  Roy* 14:38 08 Feb 11

Do you where in movie maker the function for rotation is, i did have a quick look in the various menus but it wasn't obvious , although i didn't spend long.

Does Google Picasa cover videos also, from search it implied photos?

  Woolwell 16:46 08 Feb 11

Are your sure? Movie Maker will rotate photos but as far as I am aware not video.

However if you drop the clip on the timeline it may automatically rotate it. I haven't got a clip that looks 90 out to try it on.

  rdave13 16:54 08 Feb 11

VLC or Windows Live Moviemaker; click here

  rdave13 16:56 08 Feb 11

WLM not supported on XP so try VLC.

  Roy* 15:07 10 Feb 11

That link looks like the answer, I'll try it.

  algernonymous 19:14 10 Feb 11

To rotate in XP Movie Maker, go to 'Tasks', then under '2. Edit Movie', click 'View Video Effects', then scroll down to 'Rotate 90' (or 180/270) and drag to timeline.


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