ROM not available

  postie 09:45 14 May 06

When my computer starts up I notice that ROM is not switched on how can I switch it on


  oldal 09:51 14 May 06

Don't understand your query. How do you know ROM is not switched on ? .If ROM is u/s computer won't start

  postie 09:54 14 May 06

It shows on the loading proccess before before xp starts

  oldal 10:37 14 May 06

if XP is starting up OK motherboard ROM must be working. Do you mean CDROM ?

  postie 10:46 14 May 06

doesnt mention CDROM just ROM It has never shown this before so I dont know what it realy means as the computer runs as normal and I just wondered what might have caused it as I know ROM means Read Only Memory


  oldal 11:39 14 May 06

Only explanation I can offer is that XP is trying to start an application that looks for data on a CD/DVD,
puts up the not available message, aborts application and then carries on. Do you have any applications that no longer work ?

  postie 16:25 15 May 06

Lets start frm the begining When I swtch on my computer it shows all the workinh data and parts and the last screen shows "ROM Disabled"
but it doesnt semm to affect the computer all this happens BEFORE xploads does this help


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:51 15 May 06

Make and model of PC?

Rom disabled sometimes refers to Sccsi drives or Auxillary ROM

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