Rogue Video File

  kentylad 11:30 28 Apr 04

I have an *.avi file on an external HDD that was downloaded from a music website which, for some, reason, will not delete.

When I try and delete the file, an error message says 'another application of process is using the file'. However, there are no explicit apps/processes up and running.

When I press ctrl+alt+del and watch the processes from there; explorer.exe is using 95-99% of the processing power. This only happens AFTER i try and delete the rogue file, and runs normally before.

I have tried accessing the file in Safe Mode via command prompt and through explorer itself and the same happens in both instances.

I hope someone can help


  johnnyrocker 11:39 28 Apr 04

what about program files in eplore c drive and taking out from there?


  Confab 12:21 28 Apr 04

Move all the files you want to keep out of the folder and then delete the folder with your rouge file in it. When you have done that re-create the folder and move your files back into it.


  kentylad 12:41 28 Apr 04

Thank you!

Problem Solved

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