Rogue email?

  geedad 13:34 20 Jan 09

I have received an email with no subject, and I cannot block it in any way.
The email has a string of wildcard emails addresses, which has picked up mine, starting with RCPT TO: followed by the numerous wildcard email addresses.
My Mailwasher (free) cannot block this, nor blacklist it, neither will OE "Message!-"Block Sender" stop it.
I can, of course, delete this nuisance, but I want to get rid of this occurence forever,if possible.
Anyone had this experience, please?

  Clapton is God 16:38 20 Jan 09

Can you see the sender's address?

If not, that's why Mailwasher, etc can't block it - there's no address to block.

It's a nuisance, but not unusual.

Delete it.

  brundle 18:02 20 Jan 09

Email software with a decent spam filter of its own ought to pick that up, but if you're using OE you can create a rule to match "no text", or at least none of a range of characters in Mailwasher.

Choose "The Subject", "Does not contain RegExpr",
"[A-Z0-9a-z]" - which means all uppercase and lowercase letters from A-Z and all numbers. If it doesn't find any of those characters it will match the filter.

Or change to Windows Live Mail/Thunderbird and stop having to deal with spam manually.

  geedad 19:15 20 Jan 09

Thanks, Clapton is God and brundle.
Will follow your good advice.

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