Rogue Desktop Icons

  ernieernie 06 Jun 11

I started this topic a few days ago but it suddenly got stuck so I am trying again. Every couple of days my desktop suddenly fills with icons which all relate to items in My Documents folder. They don't do any harm but I can't find the icons that should be there, they are getting pushed about. The only way I can get out of it is to do a system restore, which is a nuisance and a time waster anyway. If I boot up in safe mode the icons are smaller but there are even more of them! Help! Ernieernie

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 06 Jun 11

You should have just bumped the thread to the first page by posting a reply rather than start another on the same subject. Please provide a link to your old thread so we don't go over the same ground again.

It looks like Malware have you scanned with a fully up to date Antimalware and antivirus programs?

  ernieernie 06 Jun 11

Fruitbat; I did post a reply but nothing happened. I have also run Antimalware and have my virus scanner active. I must admit that I haven't done a full scan so I will make that my next job. This may take some time.

  lotvic 06 Jun 11

Other thread Desktop trouble

  ernieernie 06 Jun 11

I have done a full scan and found nothing at all. Funny thing, The pesky interfering icons have laid low today but I don't really think they have given up!


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