Roboform password manager V6

  Daiol 08:52 20 Jul 09

Hi,Thinking of purchasing the above software,Just to clear up one or two points regarding the software.After i install and set it all up etc,What would happen if my pc had a problem that i had to take it to a pc engineer,Now if he was to uninstall the roboform software would he be able to gain access to the protected sites etc?.Also has anyone got this method of protection can they give me an outline on the software please.Thanks.daiol.

  Steve- 09:22 20 Jul 09

What the prog does is to remember logins, form details and passwords for sites, it will also generate a random password if required and remember that for future visits to sites. It resets itself on reboot or after a period of non use and requires a user password to gain access to the stored details. If the software were uninstalled you would lose access to the stored sites unless you had a seperate list of the logins, passwords etc used, then you could log in as normal. It would not give someone direct access to those site unless they were able to hack the software which I would hope is fairly well protected.

Whether it is worth the money I'm not sure, but it does save a bit of typing and chasing forgotten details!

  accordion 09:25 20 Jul 09

From memory, I have just reinstalled Roboform from the saved (paid for) downloaded installation file.

I always save the file whenever its been updated and keep a backup copy.

I have installed onto at least two new, replacement systems without any problems.

  howard64 10:01 20 Jul 09

I have used the paid for version for several years now and would not want to be without it. As accordion I have reinstalled on various pc's over the years as I have upgraded. As with all data it pays to make sure your roboform data is backed up. As it is in 'my documents' it gets saved when you do a backup.

  rawprawn 11:01 20 Jul 09

I am like howard64 and have used it for years with no problems installing on new computers.It's a great program, always keep a backup.

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