Roboform and banking info.

  exdragon 18:00 19 Jun 11

Hi - I've just got sorted out with RF Everywhere (thanks to advice from this site) and realised that I've included some of my banking information in the data saved.

What's the general concensus of opinion - immediately delete any reference to 'money' or am I being totally paranoid? And if I do delete everything, where/how do I save the information? I know I can't remember it all, what with logins, user names, customer references, verified by visa, passwords et al.

  rawprawn 18:28 19 Jun 11

There is no problem keeping banking details or any other private details in Roboform. Just make sure that " Password protection" is enabled, and use a strong password.

  961 19:21 19 Jun 11

I've used Robotform for several years and am a huge fan

I have no idea what most of my passwords are. Every few months I print off a list and shove them somewhere safe. End of

However, when it comes to bank sites I find I don't use it so much

The Bank password technology doesn't work quite so well with Robotform, asking me if I want to save every time I log on. If you agree to that you end up with a long list of passwords

I'm not keen on the new Robotform where my passwords are the sky?

  exdragon 21:39 19 Jun 11

Hmm, my reply must have vanished into the cloud. I said so that's one for, one against!

  gengiscant 10:32 20 Jun 11

I have used Roboform for years and have both my wife's bank login detail as well as my own,as our bank requires 3 stages 2 are saved in RF each one renamed to make it easier to input the correct details for the person logging in and the third is typed when required. Works well for me.

  exdragon 17:32 20 Jun 11

Than you - I'll file my paranoia in the 'pending' folder for now!

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