RJ11 or RJ45?

  GrayM 08:49 01 Jan 09

I've recently moved into a new house where the incoming phone socket is a long way from where I want to site my PC. My new house is also a long way from the exchange so I want to do everything I can to maximise my ADSL broadband. Currently running a 20m phone extension to the router next to the PC but I know this is affecting the speed so I'm looking at 2 other options:

1. Running a 20m RJ11 lead from the filter on the incoming phone socket to the router by the PC
2. Siting the router next to the phone socket and then running a 20m RJ45 ethernet lead to the PC.

Question is will there be a difference in speed between the two options? Option 1 is the preferred as there is currently no electrical power near the phone socket and also the RJ11 cable is thinner and will be easier to lay.



  ambra4 12:52 01 Jan 09

The correct way is to install a proper extension box using the correct type of telephone cable

Using a phone extensions cable can introduce, noise and other problems on the phone line

Remove the filter and install it on the new extension box and connect the ASDL modem / router

  GrayM 16:07 01 Jan 09

Thanks for that but what is the correct telephone cable and extension box?

  ambra4 16:58 01 Jan 09

Maplin will have all that you need to do the job

Telephone Wall Sockets & Connectors

click here

Telephone Cables

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How to wire a UK telephone extension

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  GrayM 20:10 01 Jan 09

I would not normally run a router on an extension either but needs must at the moment.

Still not sure whether there will be any detriment to running a long lead from the filter on the master socket into the router by the PC.

Ambra4 - thanks for the links.

  ambra4 22:07 01 Jan 09

Never had any problems running a modem / router off a extension once the wiring is done in a

professional manner and not just put together in a slap happy manner.

In fact my present broadband system is connected to a extension box, and never had any

problems since installing


Take a read on this site it will help to make a proper professional connection

Tools & Installation

click here

  GrayM 20:38 03 Jan 09

Wired in a proper phone extension today and broadband speed is much improved !!!!


  ambra4 21:16 03 Jan 09

Glad to hear system now working better than before, and you have done a professional wiring job

Enjoy And a Happy New Year to you and the Family

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