Riva Tuner

  swanny3 10:44 21 Oct 04

i play a few games on me pc but i need a new graphic card too play my links golf..but when i went too a site too play a game i was told for 3d accelerator nvidia users ..try downloading - Riva Tuner too help performance in the game..does any 1 know what it is or does? and wud it be ok for what i have...nvidia vanta lt.


  JonnyTub 10:47 21 Oct 04

Swanny, riva tuner is an application that allows you to overclock your graphics card and an excellent utility at that. It's not for the faint hearted and if you don't know what your doing with clock speeds, etc leave it alone.

  swanny3 10:56 21 Oct 04

lookin at what you said mate ..ure right im not goin there ..
ty anyway.. :O)¬~~~

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