ripping music - recording judders?

  deejo 22 Apr 11

Hi I have just tried ripping some cd's onto my computer, never done it before, the cd plays fine, but when I listen to it back on my computer the end of some of the tracks is juddery? is there a way to correct itor edit the end of the track to get rid of it?

  mole44 23 Apr 11

Download itunes (Free) and use that, you don`t need ipod to use it to itunes as an mp3,hope this helps

  ICF 23 Apr 11

What program are you using to rip the CD's?

  Terry Brown 23 Apr 11

Check to see what other programs are running, as you may not have enough resources to get a clean 'RIP'

The CD should rip at least 5 times speeed, any slower and you may get problems.


  deejo 24 Apr 11

Hi thanks for the answers, I am not sure i understand the solutions, what happened was I was playing my cd's on windows media player and at the top it said rip, I looked that up in the help section and thought what a good idea to copy the music onto my computer. So I just pressed rip, the only thing I was doing at the same time was browsing the internet. No other programmes were open. Are you saying I need to download a new programme to get the music to copy correctly? the cd's copied what seemed to me to be very quickly anyway. thanks for your patience

  ICF 24 Apr 11
  Terry Brown 25 Apr 11

When you are ripping a CD, it is best to stopp the player and any other programs that are running, including the internet, but not the Anti-virus software.

While you are ripping, any interuption in the series (caused (e.g.) by another program) can cause a 'ripple' - (change in speed) of the rip, and this is what is causing the program


  deejo 25 Apr 11

Thanks again for the replies, I didn't realise about stopping the player whilst ripping, I will definately try that, and if it doesn't work I will try downloading the ripping programme, thanks again!


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