RIMM slots

  Dyffryn 21:34 24 Mar 04

On attempting to upgrade the ram on my son's computer - it has 256 at the moment in two strips of 128. There are four RIMM slots on the m/board, but the other two sots are occupied by something, I believe, other than RAM. The two 128 strips of ram are marked as such, but the other two strips have no markings at all. These two strips are green in colour, not quite as tall as the ram chips and have gold pins on their surface in the shape of a 'V'. Could someone please tell me what they are because they are taking up RIMM slots that I intended to use for more ram. I know it's sad really, but I am learning - honest!

  Peter 21:52 24 Mar 04


I think they might be blanks. I seem to remember that with RIMMs you could not just have empty slots and that they had to be filled with either blanks or memory. Maybe someone else can clarify the matter.


  citadel 23:00 24 Mar 04

these are crimms, blanks, they are there as rd ram needs all the slots to be filled. If you add more you have to put a matched pair eg. 2 128 sticks. you can get a kit that is a box with 2 sticks that have been made at the same time and will love each other forever.

  Dyffryn 08:52 25 Mar 04

Thank you Peter and citadel - the learning curve continues, Dave B

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