Right folder for aol sounds?

  Jackieanne 11:27 05 Apr 03

Winxp & aol 8.0, Have tried but still can't change welcome,you've got mail & goodbye. I've saved the new sounds but obviously in the wrong place! I wrote down what I was told to do ie Start menu - files & folders - C:drive aolshare - Dclick on folder that comes up in search results??
Dclick sounds - Dclick UK - Dclick default
Tip R.click on default - properties - it will show you exactly what directory u need to store it. STILL not got it right - what am I missing? & please don't say 'a brain' (I've just been reading MURRAY's thread!

  he he :-)™ 17:28 05 Apr 03

download the sound you want > remember where you saved it > go to start > control panel > sounds speech and audio devices > sounds and audio devices > go to sounds > scrool down to AOL_UK(deafault sounds) select the sound you wan't to change click browse find the file what you save it in > select the sound > click OK then click apply in the sounds screen. Don't delete the sound what you downloaded though.

  he he :-)™ 17:46 05 Apr 03


  Jackieanne 10:56 06 Apr 03

Thanks for your response, I know what the problem is though I can't understand how it has happened:-
Have just realised that although I have saved the sounds (no problem!) I had naglected to look at the file 'label' above them which says AOL 7.0 - so I now understand why I just keep getting error messages! Thing is, I am running AOL 8.0 and was running same when I saved. How can that be? I'm getting a bit fed up with trying to do such a stupid little thing & am not THAT keen on Bazzer anyway but for novelty value I quite liked the idea and don't like to be beaten. Any help out there PLEASE!! ps Djohn started all this - I'd never even investigated far enough to know that you could change sounds.............

  Jackieanne 10:57 06 Apr 03


  he he :-)™ 11:09 06 Apr 03

save it somwhere you can easily get to like your sounds folder. then do the steps above and it'll work.

  graham 11:57 06 Apr 03

I found the new sounds will only play if they are saved to the desktop, and then as he he above.

  graham 12:01 06 Apr 03

Didn't finish... you have to leave them on the desktop, if you put them in a folder the sounds will default to AOL.

  he he :-)™ 17:45 06 Apr 03

no mine r in my shared folders and they work fine... if u put them on ur desktop u might delete it by mistake. put it in my sounds or shared folders.

  Djohn 20:28 06 Apr 03

I'm sorry for that, better not look in your buddy, or IM settings then, because you have the choice of hundreds of sounds/wallpapers/Icons to use, even animated Icons!

Follow the instructions from he he :-)™, and you should be able to change/use the sound features. If not then go Keyword, and type (connie), she will pop up on screen and walk you through any problems you have. J.

  Jackieanne 22:09 07 Apr 03

Not sure how I've done it but every time I close anything BW says goodbye??? Means I must have done something right somewhere - I know I located the files in Download manager & just kept trying to move them but then had to give up & do some painting (it's OK inviting Mum in law to stay when bedroom not even decorated!). Trouble is I'm kinda hooked on this site & everyones probs EVEN though I don't understand half of them!! I do know that we've had a pc for the last five years initially for me to do college work on and just the bear necessities but now I want to do so much more, anyhow no time to try all your advice at pres so have printed it off for later. I will be back. Thanks All & ps to Djohn I knew about wallpaper/icons but not investigated yet!!!!!!!

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