Right Click on Android Tablet-How?

  lowloader 14 Nov 11

Hi All I have just purchased a budget priced Android Tablet and I wish to download an Ebook instruction manual directly from a Website, hence the need to "right click to save as". I have searched all weekend on various sites including PC Advisor-Android FAQ's and there is no real answer out there. I understand that if I plug in a USB mouse that should give me the option, but I don't own one. My question is: how do I find the 'right click' option on the Android Tablet on-board keyboard?

Cheers lowloader

  tb64 14 Nov 11

If you press and hold on the link, does the pop up menu give you any options to save ?

  mgmcc 14 Nov 11

There doesn't appear to be a "right click" context menu similar to that in Windows. I've just tried plugging in a USB mouse and right clicking goes back to the previous screen. Just a thought but, if you open the instruction manual by clicking the link, does the menu button then give you a "Save" option?

  morddwyd 15 Nov 11

I thought "Right Click to Save As", like the other context menu items, is a Windows function, and therefore won't be available with other OSs

  dms_05 15 Nov 11

If it's a true eBook then it will download if you simply click on the link. As the others say 'this isn't Windows' so it won't work like Windows.

  lowloader 15 Nov 11

Thanks all for your replies. I'm a newbie when it comes to computers and I just thought it would work the same as a P.C. but judging by all your replies I have some further messing around to do before I can make it work for me!!

Cheers all


  lowloader 15 Nov 11

Hi again all

I have just managed to get this manual do download by clicking on it as you advised and it appears as a set of numbers and letters ending in .epub, in a "download history" menu. However I can't get the file into the pre-loaded e.reader which is on the Tablet desk top, hence I can't access it. Can someone advise please on how to send it to the e.reader?

Cheers lowloader

  mgmcc 15 Nov 11

Once the file is in the Tablet, clicking on it should automatically open it in the reader app.

If you don't already have it, the ES File Explorer app is well worth installing.


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