A riddle with Vista

  captain bob 10:08 07 Jan 08

I run Vista with a wired connection to a Netgear router and have found a problem that even the MS research department cannot solve. When I log on I cannot get internet access. Two networks are shown in the Network Sharing Centre one my private network and the other an unidentified public network. The solution is to disable one or the other - it doesn't matter which as they both disappear - and then reinitialise the network adapter. After a few seconds it settles on the private network and the internet connection establishes. My ISP took me through the creation of a new network - not problem except that when I started up the computer the 'unidentified network' came up as well. The only solution is to completely reinstall Vista and all that entails. Has any genius out there got the solution?

  Scottiedogg 20:51 07 Jan 08

Do you have two Network cards on the machine - one on the motherboard and one separately in a PCI slot? This can cause 2 separate 'networks' to show up as the operating system may be trying to initialise both, thus causing confusion. If this is the case, disable the network interface you don't use within device manager and try again. Bit of a long shot but you never know!

  captain bob 21:39 07 Jan 08

Many thanks ScottieDog - I will give it a try - anything's better than having to go through a reinstall. The system worked perfectly for 6 months then decided to misbehave but ho-hum that's computer's for you.

  captain bob 22:06 07 Jan 08

Tried it but with no luck - I had installed a PCI network card as part of the attempt to find a solution (plus a new wireless router as MS thought that might be the culprit) and that created a second local area connection. Funny thing was the first time I booted up with the new card installed everything worked fine. Second time the problem reemerged.

Thanks for the suggestion anyway - most grateful.

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