Ricoh Mp7083A help

  h_miah 22:27 09 Apr 03

I can't read anything from this drive. The LED flashes continously like there is a cd in there even if there isn't. If there is a cd inserted, I still can't read from it. I think this has got something to do with kazaa. I recently added the whole cd drive on my kazaa list, because there was a lot of media on there which I wanted to share. A lot of people started downloading at the same time and the drive had to extract a lot of info. Can someone help?

  billyliv 00:18 10 Apr 03

Hi, Started to read your post with interest until I got to 'Kazaa', suddenly I do not want to know. Cheers, Bill

  monkeyshine 00:33 10 Apr 03

Oh, dear!

  h_miah 14:46 10 Apr 03

I just need to know why the recorder can't access a cd.

  RJay 20:37 10 Apr 03

I had exactly the same problem a few weeks ago
(same model, about 15 months old)there was no Kazaa involvement.

I switched it to the cd rom drive,where it worked again briefly then started to play up again.I then decided it must be the built in obselence and replaced the cdrw (Not Ricoh).

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