Ricoh Calio RR30 - Battery usage

  Cloggsy 10:13 13 Jan 04

I've got a Ricoh Caplio RR30 camera & it is fine for what I use it for, but I've noticed that it eats 'AA' batterys for breakfast! Is there a 'rechargable' unit I can get for it which will extend the usage time of the camera? At the moment I can take about 15 images using the flash & the Duracell Ultra M3's are dead (from brand new)...

Any comments will be greatly received ;o)

  Jester2K 10:17 13 Jan 04

Get yourself down to Dixons with £20.

Get a Uniross Recharger with 4 AA Ni-Mh batteries - do not get Ni-Cd. Usually called "Hi-Drain" or "Photo" Get the higherst mAh rating you can - 1800 mAh or more. Then you'll have loads of power to take pics.

I use 4 AA 1700 mAh Ni-Mh in my Fuji S304 and they take 200 or so photos with flash before showing low battery.

  Jester2K 10:18 13 Jan 04

BTW the DU M3 batteries aren't dead but have just dropped below a tolerance level in the camera. They'll probably last another 2 or 3 years in your TV remote.....

  Stuartli 10:20 13 Jan 04


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There are others of a similar nature.

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