Ribbon Cable

  jim63 13:43 19 Jul 07

Is there a way to check if the Ribbon cable in the Dell Inspiron 1300 Laptop is faulty

  Totally-braindead 13:59 19 Jul 07

If you have a voltmeter I suppose you could feed a signal along each strand of the cable, personally I'd just buy another one if thats what you think is faulty. I don't know what laptop ribbon cables cost but desktop ones are only about £3.
If a laptop cable is the same as a desktop one then my suggestion would be nick one out of the desktop and try it. I have to say that as I don't know if they are the same cables, I presume so but don't know.

  jim63 14:00 19 Jul 07

No, it is a different cable from laptop

  Totally-braindead 14:06 19 Jul 07

Bang goes my suggestions then. Apart from the voltmeter testing, that would work but would be a bit time consumming I suppose. No chance of getting a new cable and trying that?

  jim63 14:16 19 Jul 07

Yes But I will have to buy a new one. Just thought if there was a way of testing it in case this one is okay and something else is causing the flicking on screen

  Taff™ 14:27 19 Jul 07

Which ribbon cable is it? The one from the mobo to the screen?

  jim63 15:35 19 Jul 07

Yes I think that is it. Called Flax Cable

  Taff™ 08:21 20 Jul 07

This is really a job for a laptop repair specialist. I think one end of this cable normally slots into a ziff connector on the motherboard and the other end is probably permanently fixed to the screen.

The flickering could indicate that the backlight is on the way out or that the screen inverter needs replacing - neither is for the fainthearted DIY brigade! I would suggest you find an expert and ask for a diagnosis. Some shops may charge you for this but be warned, having these replaced is not cheap - based on recent experience I would say at least £125 for either problem, the majority of that will be labour.

  jim63 21:10 23 Jul 07

Dell 1300 B120 B130 120L 14" WXGA LCD Flax Cable JC078
Is this the correct cable for my Dell laptop inspiron 1300

  woodchip 21:13 23 Jul 07

Yes with a fresh one

  jim63 21:17 23 Jul 07

When you say fresh one do you mean a new one. The one I have just mentioned is new on ebay.

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