AndySD 14:09 21 May 06

Hi All

Again I am looking for comments, I am updating an old site for a good friend a teaching author. She knows I test the site out so there is no problem there. I have the basic outline approved already but I have been looking at it so long I cannot now see the wood fron the trees. Please click here and have a look, any comments good or bad are welcome at the moment.

Aerards Andy

  RicScott 16:01 21 May 06

Looks clean, at first glance I thought it had been done in XML..
I viewed the page using firefox and when I clicked on a link, the page jumps..That was the only gripe apart from you've used tables..A CSS layout would have been better.

Apart from that..Clean and simple..

  ade.h 16:27 21 May 06

That Latin text looks familiar.... It reminds me of the text examples in NOF sitestyles.

  AndySD 17:13 21 May 06

The Latin text is used so that the viewer doesnt get distrated by the text. Its been used by printers for a long time.

  RicScott 17:22 21 May 06

The latin text lorem ipsum is what designers use to fill out the space and give the impression and feel of what the site will look like once complete. It's generic(or should be) to every website that's not complete.

  PurplePenny 19:56 21 May 06

Looks nice. I really like the coloured tabs for the navigation. (Have you checked then through a colour blindness filter just to make sure?)

Couple of little things: you need to escape the ampersands; and you need to put a space in before the closing slash of the breaks. Both will usually work but better to be safe than sorry.

I'm also using Firefox but I didn't get any jumping when using links.

  Forum Editor 23:52 21 May 06

and will look forward to seeing the completed site.

  AndySD 11:58 22 May 06

Thank you

Penny I have checked with the colour filter and its fine. I will sort the <BR /> out and the ampersands.

The ides for coloured nav tabs came from the way she likes to put sticky notes over everything.

  AndySD 16:41 18 Aug 06

FE you asked to see it completed,well its up and running but I am still checking it click here It had to go live before I wished it to, but the customer is always right.

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