Revo Uninstaller and Windows 8

  mgmcc 09:11 AM 01 Feb 13

Is anyone using Revo Uninstaller (free) successfully with Windows 8?

I've found with both a Laptop and Desktop that, when it is supposed to be checking the registry after the main uninstall, it just hangs and I have to click the "Cancel" button.

  Taff™ 09:32 AM 01 Feb 13

Yes. I have used it when setting up 3 Win8 laptops and found few problems. I seem to remember I had the same problem as you on only one occasion. I had removed several bloatware programs and the trial Antivirus before it occurred. I immediately did a reboot and carried on as normal with no recurrance.

I did use the inbuilt clean up tool immediately after the reboot though.

  denso50 09:41 AM 02 Feb 13

I have exactly the same problem. I have 2 Lap tops running Windows 8,a year old 64 bit HP and a 5 year old Dell Latitude 32 bit. Revo works fine on the Dell but not on the HP, just the same as you describe.I tried uninstalling Revo and re installing but just the same.I have now uninstalled and installed Geek uninstaller,its much faster and seems to do the job just as well.Shame really,I have used Revo for quite a few years with no problem but having found Geek that's the way I will be going from now on.

  mgmcc 19:08 PM 03 Feb 13


Thanks for that. I've downloaded GeekUninstaller and will give it a try next time I have a program to remove in Windows 8.


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