Revo Uninstaller leaving stuff behind

  hawthorn59 11 Jan 13

Hi Folks

I was attempting to uninstalla Samsung printer earlier and did so with Revo uninstaller. However afterwards when I looked through "All Programmes" the Samsung folder was there and 4 other folders including the uninstall programme. So I uninstalled it (or what was left ???) with its own uninstall programme.

But shouldnt Revo have picked up this...??? Also the printer was listed in Revo in 3 parts/icons and I had to do each one seperately. is this correct i wonder?



  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11 Jan 13

Any uninstaller will only remove everything if the program was installed using the uninstaller in the first place.

Using the unistaller on a program that is already installed does nothing that windows add remove would have done anyway.

Programs create folders for themselves and extra items that get left behind when uninstalled this is why op systems get bloated and slow down and why a clean install is sometime recommended to help speed up a machine.

  rdave13 11 Jan 13

Regardless of any stage settings I would recommend not to use Revo uninstaller. Use it and it goes wrong and you have more problems. Use the uninstaller utility the program has then reboot. Use Ccleaner's reg cleaner to remove any left-over registry entries. That should be enough.

  BRYNIT 11 Jan 13

Nothing is perfect. Revo like other programs may leave things behind.

You also have to consider human error. After a program is uninstalled revo searches for registry entries/files where you have to select and delete from the list. If you forget to delete an item it gets left behind.

  rdave13 11 Jan 13

BRYNIT and in my experience of revo it can and does remove other registry entries involving other programs. Was a great utility up to Vista. Now I won't touch it. Behind the times unless you pay for the 'professional' version, in my humble opinion.

  hawthorn59 12 Jan 13

Hmm never had any problems with it before. I did remove everything it found. Is there any other uninstaller you would recommend?

thanks everyone



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