Review the reviewers for a colour laser printer

  greybeard 22:57 13 Oct 05

I'm looking for a colour laser printer at modest cost, £250-£350 say, that will repro
"water colour" style of prints rather than glossy photos.

Can anyone, hand-on-heart, say their's can, as no one covers this sort of info.

Most of the published user/reviewers contradict each other in what they do say, with ratings for the same product going from one to five stars !

All seems to be rather a waste of space.

  woodchip 23:15 13 Oct 05

Had a read about Colour Laser, they print just as good on copy paper as Photo gloss. But they still do not match Inkjet for photos. You have to pay over two grand to get the above

  greybeard 17:22 20 Nov 05

Decided to stick with inkjet, but am trying lyson ink system as they seem to offer better water resistance and fade resistance.

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