reusing XP from scrapped pc

  sgtdibble 14:26 22 May 07

does anyone know if it is legal to reuse the XP home OS from a laptop that has been scrapped

  MAJ 14:38 22 May 07

It depends on the licence. If it was an OEM version then, no.

  jay.p 14:39 22 May 07

if it is a full version then yes as long as it is uninstalled from the previous pc and not being used. if it is an oem version then it is only allowed to be installed on one pc so that it lives and dies with that pc.

  sgtdibble 14:44 22 May 07

It is a full version and is uninstalled from laptop which is waiting recycling

  Probabilitydrive 14:47 22 May 07

As stated, OEM software is tied to the motherboard it is first installed on. Retail versions of Windows can be transferred to a new computer, OEM versions are not transferable.

However, there are scenarios (if the mobo dies) when the above definition is not any as longer clear here

  sgtdibble 14:54 22 May 07

Thanks to you all, I can reuse the os and not annoy Microsoft and save a bit on the new pc thanks again to all especially probabilitydrive for the very useful link.

  Kate B 15:14 22 May 07

You'll need to ring Microsoft for a new activation key, though they'll give you one with no fuss.

  sgtdibble 17:53 22 May 07

Thanks Kate B I don't mind doing that

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