Return to Sender.

  ol blueeyes 13:39 28 Sep 09

Incredimail ... Don't particularly like the Programme but have started using it for a short while. It has one item that I rather like. We all get a lot of rubbish Mail and with incredimail you can ""Return it to Sender"" Does anyone know of other E:Mail Programmes that have this Service ?

  jimv7 13:46 28 Sep 09

Return to sender confirms your email address, be prepared for a lot more.

Best just to delete the spam.

  wiz-king 13:50 28 Sep 09

Why clutter up the internet with yet more spam, just delete it. You dont really think that it come to you from a person/companies real address do you?

  Fingees 13:50 28 Sep 09

Most enable you to BOUNCE messageas.

However a lot of spam gwets sent to you deliberately with the wrong address. This is so if you do bounce it it goes to someone else.

Others send you messages to check if the adress is a usable one, so bouncing it confirms you address and encourages them to distribute your details to others.

Far better to just delete, it also stops the internet being bunged up with stray mail etc.

  Sea Urchin 14:04 28 Sep 09

.....often asked on this forum. If you send a perfectly genuine email to an incorrect address it will be returned to you as undeliverable by the mail system - in other words it will be bounced. So in this case it doesn't "confirm the email address" but confirms it doesn't exist.

So why not do that with spam? The answer lies in the above postings from wiz-king and Fingees. The 'from' address will be false, and therefore you are just creating more spam - in extreme circumstances you might even end up bouncing it back to yourself!

This article explains in more detail:

click here

  ol blueeyes 14:16 28 Sep 09


  ol blueeyes 14:17 28 Sep 09

Sorry I asked but it is returned """Undeliverable Address Unknown.
So No Problem

  ol blueeyes 14:17 28 Sep 09


  Sea Urchin 14:20 28 Sep 09

But the point is that spam doesn't necessarily get "returned to sender" because it was NOT actually sent from the address on the email.

  ol blueeyes 15:43 28 Sep 09

As I say Matter closed.

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