Retrospect Express Software problem

  notnef 15:31 30 Sep 07

I have a HDD Maxtor ( now Seagate) OneTouch firewire 250GB which I have successfully used for back ups.

It was bundled with Dantz Retrospect Express software.

When I key the restore or backup button I am now getting an error message on the Manager Screen " this feature not available since RE not installed"

I have downloaded an upgrade of RE but this hasn't helped. The Maxtor/Seagate support FAQ's doesn't help

Any thoughts welcome

P.s other forums I have posted have been successfully dealt with thanks to your support !

  wee eddie 20:29 30 Sep 07

I have found that my copy of Dantz which came with the Maxtor will not work with other drives.

In other words it may be OEM.

  notnef 22:22 30 Sep 07

yes, I am.

what exactly do you mean by OEM?

  wee eddie 11:57 01 Oct 07

OEM means - Original Equipment Manufacturer, but what I really mean is that I think that the copy of Dantz that comes with a Maxtor Drive is tied to that drive, or possibly only a Maxtor Drive.

  notnef 14:15 02 Oct 07

For some reason or other, it now seems to work more or less. I still can't edit my back up settings but am able to back up by dropping files into the Maxtor drive.


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