Retrieving lost images

  Furkin 08:32 AM 22 Jun 11

I was transferring about 12 images from my SD card to my PC. When I opened the SD card, the list of images popped up as normal - in alphanumeric list. I opened them all - in PS7 - & put a name to them then deleted the alphanumeric list.

When cut'n'pasting, my habit is to use digit & little fingers on Ctrl + C (then Ctrl + V). (I use this method for Ctrl + A,S,P,X etc). I highlighted the list then, as I was moving them to a permanent position, I used Ctrl + X.

I opened the permanent place & thought I was pressing Ctrl + V,,,,, but I must have clicked something else because I lost the list. I was hoping that they'd be in the Recycle Bin, but they arn't.

I think I know the answer "they're lost forever" but am keeping my fingers crossed. Can I retrieve them ?

Thanks for reading.

  Nontek 11:43 AM 22 Jun 11

You could try recovering from the SD Card by using this Free direct download. Make a New Folder on your desktop first, then Browse to this folder from within the program, it is then easy to find recovered pics (otherwise recovered pics will appear in the programs own folder in 'All programs'.)

A very useful program to have anyway, I have used it many times to recover deleted pics.

link text

  David4637 10:17 AM 23 Jun 11

Could I please ask a question on Recuva, which I downloaded and installed on the above recommendation. When you delete a file via the Recycle Bin, and use recuva, does it show the file name in full, or is it an unrecognised file name, and you have to try to open it to find whether its the one you want or not? Thanks David

  David4637 13:06 PM 23 Jun 11

Seems to work well once you realise after a scan you have to tick Filname. Thanks for suggesting Recova. David


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