Retrieving emails

  jonmac 15 Jun 11

A friend was on BT broadband at his previous home but has now moved to a new one where he is told it will take 5 days to set up broadband. How can he view his emails in the meantime, say on another machine?

  Sea Urchin 15 Jun 11

Browse to - enter his email address and password and view his account and/or send mail

If of course he is already using the BT webmail site he can continue to do that from any machine.

  recap 15 Jun 11

I take it that it is web based, if this is the case, all your friend needs to do is log on to BT email as usual. He could do it from your connection?

  jonmac 15 Jun 11

Thanks Sea Urchin but can't get that to work for some reason with my own email address, either quick or advanced log-in (I'm on Plusnet) Recap....Thanks for your input. I'll find out this evening what he's on, probably BT-Yahoo mail or something, and take it from there

  Sea Urchin 15 Jun 11

The mail2web will only work if you use an email client such as Outlook or Windows Mail etc. If you are using web based email - such as BT Yahoo - then you just sign in as normal on any computer.


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