Retaining Hotmail Password

  williamj 09:24 15 Dec 09

Hotmail will not save my password.
Each time I log on. No problem logging on. But when I tick the box to save my password, it is not saved.
Next time I go to Hotmail I have to enter my password.
Any suggestions please?

  andyref 10:53 15 Dec 09

I have the same problem but I have noticed my virus checkers once I reset clear all passwords .

  williamj 16:02 15 Dec 09

Interesting point about how virus protection is effecting a password.
What virus protection are you using?
Comparing two computers using Hotmail.
One is using AVG virus protection, and retains the Hotmail password.
Another P.C. using M.S Security Essentials virus protection does not retain the Hotmail password.
Just wondering if there is a connection.

  User-1229748 16:16 15 Dec 09

it won't retain mine either using avira

  Sea Urchin 17:39 15 Dec 09

Any program that removes your cookies will affect your password.

  andyref 19:55 17 Dec 09

Williamj , Hi I am using advanced systemcare and IObit security 360 .
Its maybe the way I have it setup but touch wood no probs for ages with them .

  lotvic 20:04 17 Dec 09

As Sea Urchin says, any program that removes the cookie that Hotmail puts on your pc to remember the password will mean that you will have to re-enter password next time.

By removing the cookie you have wiped your pc's memory of the password.

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