Retail Box?

  denali 19:27 24 Mar 05

Would someone please tell me what exactly I am getting if I by a PC component in a Retail Box!

Thank you

  powerless 19:31 24 Mar 05

You'll get everything, maunual, cables, update leaflet, CD' name you'll have it.

/well depends on component.

  harps1h 19:32 24 Mar 05

depends on the component what you get in a retail box. for instance a cpu will come in the manufacturers box and will include a stock fan and instructions. an oem chip can come in a plain box with only the processor between two bits of hard plastic or foam

  pj123 19:33 24 Mar 05

Generally you will get the unit, a driver disk CD/floppy etc. plus if applicable a manual, all in a nice colourful box.

An OEM version of the same unit will probably be in a plastic bag with no drivers and no manual but will work just as good.

  denali 19:37 24 Mar 05

Thank you folks. At least now I know what I am buying

  dan11 19:38 24 Mar 05

One of the big differences of retail boxed over OEM is cpu's and hard drives.

AMD retail box cpu's have a limited 3 year warranty, against a 1 year warranty for the OEM chip.

Hard drives, used to ( don't know if they still are) have a 1 year warranty for OEM and a 3 year warranty for retail boxed.

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