restricting user access on a home network

  webber_man 19:35 20 Feb 05

Hello again!

Ok - with the fantastic assistance of a few helpful people on here i have set up a wireless home network and am sharing my BB connection and files/folders. it possible to restrict who can access what? I mean, if i wish to share a folder on computer 1 just with computer 2 and NOT computer 3 can i do it? And if so how?

Is this achievable within windows or do i need more software?

  FelixTCat 19:51 20 Feb 05

It is achievable. You have to set up user accounts on the sharing computer such that the login on computer 2 entitles it to a share and that of computer 3 doesn't.

The other way to do it is to password-protect the shares and give the password only to the user of computer 2. The "remember passwords" feature may then allow quick connection.

  Zak 20:57 20 Feb 05

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