Restoring Pavilion 9500 &/or nVidia 8400GS driver.

  Furkin 09 Jun 13

Hi all,

Last week I updated my nVidia driver. Having said that, I think it down-dated it !

I say ‘down-dated’, because I lost the high resolution settings etc.

When I boot up now, the display settings are wrong. The best Resolution is now 800 x 600. This gives me the roundel, shaped like a rugby ball (I knew my limited sport knowledge would come in handy,,,,).

I also have 4 screens on top of each other. They almost stretch across the 17” screen, but each one is squashed into about 2” high – so almost impossible to read.

I wanted to do a Restore, but can’t find it on this machine. When I look in Control panel > Recovery, the options I get are ‘Refresh’ & ‘Reset’. It looks like Refresh is the one I want,,,, (Reset takes it back to factory settings – losing everything) but I can’t read things properly.

I want to boot into Safe Mode, but unlike most of the machines that I have seen, this one has different ‘boot’ instructions (Del, F2, F8, F11 etc). I’m sure I made a note of them,,,, but must have left it on this machine – hence, can’t see it ! (yep – I’ll be doing another list, to keep away from the machine !?).

I downloaded the driver from the nVidia site, and selected the 8400GS, so I assumed it would be right.

What’s the quickest/easiest way to get things back please ?

Thanks for reading.

HP DV9500 + Quanta 30DA + Turion 64x2 TL60 + HDD 1 Sam HM500J1 + HDD 2 Scorpio WD1600bev + nVidia 8400GS + Mem x 2 Crucial 2gb + Win 7 ult (32)

  northumbria61 09 Jun 13

Have you tried going into Device Manager - Display Adapter - right click on your card - properties - driver tab - roll back driver?

  Furkin 09 Jun 13

Thanks N61,

I've looked at it (as best I can in the circumstances) but it looks like that option isn't enabled.

  northumbria61 09 Jun 13

If you are sure you have the correct driver downloaded (to your desktop or wherever) then go into Device Manager and uninstall the current driver. Reboot your PC and then install the new downloaded driver.

  Furkin 11 Jun 13

If I Uninstall the NVidia 8400 via D.Manager, will the machine revert to some 'on-board' graphics ?

  Chronos the 2nd 11 Jun 13

If I Uninstall the NVidia 8400 via D.Manager, will the machine revert to some 'on-board' graphics ?

Yes you will get the basic drivers needed to use the monitor.

  Furkin 11 Jun 13

If I can actually see it - or make it out - I'll delete the NVidia driver & see how it goes.

Will report back,,,,


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