Restoring factory settings

  WBP 08:32 09 Jun 05

I have a Medion computer from ALDIs that I am trying to restore to factory settings. I have reformatted C:, reinstalled Windows XP SP1 and booted from the support CD. I entered E for English but get the following message in German:

Festplatte ist fur HDCOPY schreibgeschutz, bitte erst freigeben. - (with umlauts). Can anyone tell me what it is saying, please?


  Graham ® 08:47 09 Jun 05

'Non removable disk is fur HDCOPY schreibgeschutz, please only releases'

  WBP 08:54 09 Jun 05

I still do not understand what that means, Graham

  Graham ® 08:57 09 Jun 05

Is there a disc still in the drive?

  GroupFC 08:57 09 Jun 05

Smoebody else used Babelfish! - I didn't understand it either!

  WBP 09:08 09 Jun 05

Hello Graham. Yes, the CD is still in its drive and, of course, the hard disc is still there.

  Graham ® 09:15 09 Jun 05

I think it's asking you to take the CD out.

  WBP 09:36 09 Jun 05

When I do that, nothing happens. It just sits there and whan I eventually press enter, it displays the A: prompt and I don't have a floppy drive!

  Graham ® 09:42 09 Jun 05

Re-start the PC, when it gets to the splash screen (Medion?) press and hold the F1 key to enter BIOS. Change the boot order to boot from the hard drive first, then the CD drive. Save and exit.

  WBP 10:06 09 Jun 05

That's the way it already is set up. Medion supplies an "Application & Support CD" and the manual on "Carrying out a Restore" says:
Insert the Support-CD and reboot the PC
Select the option Start from CD-ROM
In the restore menu which now appears, select 1 and follow the on-screen instructions.
The PC restarts to its original factory seetings.

When I select 1, there's all sorts of "are you sure" type messages eventually arriving at the German message at the top of this thread. It is in DOS, not windows and we still do not know what that German message means. Festplatte I don't know. Ist fur means, "is for". schreib means "Write". geschutzt I don't know. bitte erst means "please first". freigeben I don't know.

  Stuartli 10:19 09 Jun 05

Festplatte is hard drive - see:

click here

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