Restore System Fonts in Win-7 ?

  Furkin 25 Sep 11


Yesterday I was looking how to add an interrobang to my MS-Word fonts. This involved pressing 'alt' & some number-pad numbers. Upon boot-up today, I find that my System font seems to be in Wingdings.

How do I re set my system font to either default, or Times New Roman ?

Please bear in mind that I can't read anything on screen, as it's all in - what I assume is - Wingdings.

I havn't checked Safe Mode yet.

Whilst I'd prefer to just alter the System Font settings, Will a normal Restore do this ?

I have a back-up in place, tho' never used it before to actually restore anything,,,,, and will that also have the same problem ? If not, how do I do a full restore ?

cheers all.

  Furkin 25 Sep 11


I was calling my problem SYSTEM default Fonts. I now think that I meant WINDOWS default Fonts. I assume these are different things,,,, or are they ?

I managed to get onto e-bay and 99.9% of that was alright, apart from the Buttons (delete / relist etc) which were in wingdings.

I did a search on these pages and saw that for a similar problem, someone suggested trying: run > rstrui.exe. I tried this and it took me to the Restore page. Although I couldn't read the message/s, I did manage to restore to 23rd Sept, which looked like it was the only restore point that I had.

I am trying to see a list of Restore Points like I used to see in XP, but – stupidly – I can’t find the list. I have created one today, to give me something to look for. Surely I have more Restore Points Where is this list please ?

*Incidentally, my Son runs Vista and also doesn’t have any Restore Points. When an IT guy was looking at something else, he asked him to create a point also, but it seems like it doesn’t take. Is it likely that we both have our settings wrong ?*

Whilst my system ‘seems’ back to normal, I’d still like to know how to alter System/Windows default fonts please.

  northumbria61 25 Sep 11

Restore for Win 7 - enter link description here

  northumbria61 25 Sep 11

Here's how to Create a Restore Point in detail - enter link description here

  Furkin 25 Sep 11

Thanks N61,

When following the links, I got to a point in System Properties, where it says that System Protection is OFF. If I’m reading it right, this needs to be ON, to enable it to create restore points ?

When I tried to turn it ON, I get a message saying “Using System Protection on a drive that contains system image backups will cause other shadow copies to be deleted faster than normal”. I was a bit worried about this until I saw that it referred to my ‘E’ drive, which is the back-up drive. I went back to System Properties & highlighted ‘C’ drive, & turned the protection to ON.

I reckon this will now automatically create Restore points. I have manually made a Point also, & they both now appear in the list.

If any of this sounds wrong, please feel free to let me know.

I hope it will also help my Sons Vista OS too.

Thanks again.

  northumbria61 25 Sep 11

"I reckon this will now automatically create Restore points. I have manually made a Point also, & they both now appear in the list."

Yes that's correct - back on the right track!


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