Restore a formatted hard drive?

  Toffly 10:19 21 Dec 07

Hi Guys,

My boss (thank god it was him and not me!) rather cleverly formatted one of our network hard drives, and I now need to restore all the data on it.

I've tried a few bits of software so far based on searches I'ev done on this forum, but none will do what I want, they all want to search drives with letters.

Bascailly, the drive was originally a Lacie midi drive, 500GB, and he formatted it via their web interface, so I would assume that it is a quick format.

Under my computer, I can only see the C drive, nothing else. Under disk management, I can see the C drive, and then 6 basic partitions, 125mb, 8mb, 8mb, 126mb, 714mb, and 464GB. I'm assuming the smaller partitions house the OS and web interface for the drive.

What am I going to need to do to get this restored? The only options I really have available to me under disk management is to convert the disk to a dynamic disk, or delete the logical drives (the small paritions), or delete the big partition.

Any idea on some good software to get all of this restored?

Thanks in advance,


  Toffly 10:22 21 Dec 07

I should probably point out that I've removed the drive from its Lacie case and connected it directly to a PC via a SATA cable.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:05 21 Dec 07

Testdisc click here
Drive Rescue click here

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