Restore backup

  romeohotel 16:13 30 Oct 07

Hello, after a system crash I have had to reinstall Windows XP from my recovery disc. All my data has disappeared, however I did make a backup to cds fairly recently using a backup program (cant remember the name). How do I reinstall the backups from the 3cds?
Thanks in advance. RH.

  Technotiger 16:21 30 Oct 07

Hmm, not knowing which program you used I can only guess - that your three CDs are numbered 1 to 3, so I would put number 1 into your CD drive and see what comes up on screen - it might simply be a case of following on-screen instructions.

Or - Set your PC to Boot from CD (in the BIOS) and then put number 1 in, turn on PC and see what happens.

  Technotiger 16:23 30 Oct 07

For 'turn on PC' read - 'then re-boot PC'

  woodchip 16:32 30 Oct 07

other way is to put the CD in drive then have a look at what files are on it in Windows Explorer Win+E key's look for a restore etc file anything that may set it going by double clicking on it. If there is a exe file double click that.

PS forgot to ADD, that when backup sets are created aqlways start with the last CD. Do not ask why, but that's the way it goes

  Technotiger 16:39 30 Oct 07

when backup sets are created always start with the last CD. Do not ask why, but that's the way it goes ...

Interesting, I have never had to use back-up CDs so did not realise that. Grrreat, I have learned something new today!

  romeohotel 17:22 30 Oct 07

Thanks guys, OK I have inserted cd #3 and with the help of Windows Explorer I found - GBM V4.0 (E). I think the G stands for Genie ?. Clicking the + to expand brings up my files. My Docs, Favourites, Address book etc are all there (phew!), but I do not know what to do next. How can I get these files onto my hard drive? Words of one syllable please. RH.

  Technotiger 17:41 30 Oct 07

If the CD they are on is a CDRW, as opposed to CDR, then you should be able to slide each complete Folder over onto your Desktop.

However, if the CDs are CDR only, you will need to look for something like an .exe Restore file and follow on-screen instructions - I think!

Look at each CD in turn to see which each contains, I dare say it is possible that Number 1 might still be the one to start with?

  romeohotel 17:48 30 Oct 07

The cds are CDRW so I will try to move them to my desktop. Fingers crossed! RH.

  woodchip 21:16 30 Oct 07

Genie is a backup Program Think it was on a PCA cover disc of late. click here
It may let you reload the backup

  romeohotel 10:35 31 Oct 07

Thanks for the link. This is definately the program I used. However Technotiger's advice worked well. I will downlosd Genie again it is a very easy program to use and certainly saved me a headache. Cheers to all responses. RH.

  Technotiger 12:14 31 Oct 07

Grrreat, I love a happy ending :-)

Don't forget the Green tick - resolved.

Cheers TT

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