Restarting windows xp

  acer01 23:12 12 Apr 03

Does anyone know of a way of restarting windows xp without the pc having to reboot, like you can in win 98 by holding down shift when clicking on restart and just restarting windows?


  ahales42 03:27 13 Apr 03

restarting xp is the equivalent of holding down the shift.restarting xp is far quicker than win98. that`s as fast as you are going to get.

  acer01 20:22 13 Apr 03

Thanks ahales42 but the reason I'm asking is that I bought a new motherboard from a computer fair yesterday and it seems to be faulty. Everytime I boot I get a message saying that the cmos memory is incorrect, and the cmos battery is low, and I loose all the bios settings and the comp won't boot unless I clear the cmos with the onboard jumper which is a pain. I replaced the battery today with a brand new one and it is still the same. I can't get the board replaced until the fair is here again which will be in 3 weeks so i'm stuck with it for now. So if anyone else knows of a way I can restart windows XP without rebooting and having to open up the case to clear the cmos first, I would be most grateful if they could let me know.

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