Restart or Reboot

  tooter 18:29 24 Jun 06

I have installed XP Pro, the problem is during installation the computer restarted its self several times, every time when it got to the ‘drive loading screen’ it stops and asks me to put in the start up floppy disk when I do this it informs me that there is no DOS partition on the drive and to make one. If I then switch the computer off and reboot it starts ok. It just will not reboot itself if I use the restart option, I have to power down completely and then reboot. Thanks for any help.

  woodchip 18:31 24 Jun 06

Sounds like you have or XP as not partitioned the drive right

  tooter 18:40 24 Jun 06

How do I put a DOS partition on the drive?

  woodchip 18:42 24 Jun 06

You cannot with out deleting XP and start from Fresh. How did you load XP was it on a Clean new drive or What?

  tooter 18:47 24 Jun 06

I formatted the drive to do a clean install but when it started to load XP it said “.SIF file used in Setup is corrupted or missing” and would not go any further. So I reloaded my original version of WIN 98SE and did an upgrade.

  woodchip 18:51 24 Jun 06

Did the computer freeze? when it said the file was corrupt?

  tooter 18:54 24 Jun 06

No it said Press F3 to Exit

  SANTOS7 18:57 24 Jun 06

Window's setup errors usually occur due to hardware failure. That file is probably not missing or corrupt, but due to a bad memory chip, or a scratch on the CD...dust on the lens...setup is failing.

  woodchip 19:00 24 Jun 06

Only thing I can think if you Have a Full XP CD not Upgrade CD is to use Killdisk this will clear the Partition then if it's a full XP CD set Bios to boot with CD as first boot device set second as Hard Drive then start with XP CD in Computer this should then setup the partition. click here

  tooter 19:03 24 Jun 06

When I tried the clean install I change to NTFS then changed back FAT 32 before loading Win 98 could I have deleted the DOS partition then?

  woodchip 19:07 24 Jun 06

You cannot change back to Fat after the Drive is NTFS, only with third party software. So use the Killdisk program to clear it and start again

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