Resort pictures in Windows 7

  collinsc 12:12 28 Jul 13

Hi I understand that in windows 7 you are unable to resort pictures in a folder, so i am unable to manually move pictures around. I have seen many threads on many sites regarding this, i have downloaded a file management utility called xplorer2 after recommendations, but i cant figure out how this can be used for my requirements. I have also attempted to disable full row select, which i have been advised will enable me to reorder files, however this was not successful. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks

  Woolwell 15:23 28 Jul 13

I initially though that you were looking for summer holiday pictures.

I'm not sure what you mean by being unable to move pictures around. You can sort pictures by name, size, date, month, day.

Do you mean grab an icon and move it around?

  collinsc 15:58 28 Jul 13

Ah yes, that could have been worded better! re-sort! yes, exactly, grab an icon and move it to somewhere else in the same file... thanks

  rdave13 16:49 28 Jul 13

I doubt if you can move a folder/ file within a folder to where you want it without being cunning with renaming file or folder.

  collinsc 17:13 28 Jul 13

i have about 2000 photos i want to put in to a specific order, that would take some doing! :(

  Woolwell 17:28 28 Jul 13

I don't think that you can grab an icon and move it and have it stay there permanently.

There are ways to bulk rename files. Ways to batch rename files

I have well over 2000 photos. I organise as I go with many folders and sub folders.

  collinsc 17:37 28 Jul 13

i need to put them in a specific order for a slideshow. i need to be able to see the picture so that i know where to drag it.

  rdave13 18:02 28 Jul 13

Windows 7 media center will do it but it comes back to renaming the files. I can't find a third party software that will make it far.

  Woolwell 18:03 28 Jul 13

You could use details view and the preview pane to see them. But dragging probably will not work.

  rdave13 18:12 28 Jul 13

Appologies, forgot the link, click here

  collinsc 18:20 28 Jul 13

ah right, that looks like it might work, assuming once re-ordered you are able to write to a disc. ill check it out, cheers

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