resolution notice

  unitedman 17:21 03 Jan 10

I get tis box with Resolution error coming up when playing a PC game I got at Xmas ---It says For best picture quality change resolution to 1440 X 900 --can anyone help?

  GaT7 17:23 03 Jan 10

Have you tried changing the in-game resolution to 1440*900? If not, give it a try.

If no joy, let us know what game exactly, your OS (XP/Vista/Win7) & the monitor's make & model number. G

  unitedman 17:38 03 Jan 10

Thanks- do not know how to change this---I am running windows Vista

  unitedman 17:39 03 Jan 10

packard bell monitor

  GaT7 17:53 03 Jan 10

Look in the game's settings - there should be an option to change resolution there.

What's the name of the game?

What's the model & size of the monitor? Do you know its native resolution? G

  unitedman 17:59 03 Jan 10

It is Bejeweled- I have a 19" flat screen monitor- it is packard bell

  GaT7 18:10 03 Jan 10

Is the game Bejeweled 2 click here?

From click here, it suggests the following about resolution settings:

"Changing Your Resolution Settings.

It may be necessary to run the game with a different Compatibility mode setting. (It will be necessary to close the game before trying these steps.) To do this:

1. Right-click the shortcut icon for your game (if you don't use a shortcut, right click the .exe file).
2. Click Properties.
3. Click the Compatibility tab.
4. Click the box to run your game in 640 x 480 resolution.
5. Click OK.

There may also be settings on your monitor itself that are affecting how your games display. Try using the monitor buttons to look for a display setting with options such as 1:1, Aspect, & Fill. Based on the resolution you have your monitor set to, it may or may not be possible to alter those settings. When you run at a very high resolution, your monitor knows what aspect ratio it is capable of displaying."

In step 4. above, try a 1440*900 resolution setting if possible. Try a few other resolution settings as well.

What's the native resolution (NR) of your monitor? The NR may be the resolution you'd normally run it in when in Windows. Is it a widescreen model? G

  unitedman 18:27 03 Jan 10

thanks -will try this and see if it works

  woodchip 19:10 03 Jan 10

Right Click on empty Desktop then click Properties, You should see resolution there is a drop down for sizes.

This is the Display page that you will be in

  unitedman 07:36 04 Jan 10

this shows my resolution is already set at 1440 X 900 pixels.

  woodchip 14:06 04 Jan 10

Well the only other thing that can make the picture better is Colour Quality in Display Setting Contrast will most likely be in Settings\Advanced

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