Resolution changer?

  Zebrapec 22:48 06 Jan 04

Before I had to wipe my hard drive,afew weeks ago, I used to have a icon next to my clock that when I clicked on it showed about 20 or so different settings for the monitor. I cannot remember what the program was called or where I got it from. Can anyone help please.

  powerless 22:51 06 Jan 04

Yoou have Nividia card?

  woodchip 22:51 06 Jan 04

Was it loaded with your Graphics Software

  Zebrapec 22:57 06 Jan 04

I have a Hercules 3D prophet graphics card

  Jester2K 08:08 07 Jan 04

Probably Hercules Tweaker - should be on the CD that came with the card....

Or was it QuickRes "In some previous versions of Microsoft Windows, you can enable the Quickres utility by clicking the show settings icon on taskbar option in the Display Properties dialog box. This option is not available in Windows XP because Windows XP does not include the Quickres utility."

  Simsy 08:29 07 Jan 04

where I have a Matrox card, you can choose whether or not to have this icon displayed.

I can't remember the EXACT location of the tick box that is used to select it, but it is somewhere in the "properties" dialogue...

Right click on the desktop, select, "Properties" and It's somewhere in there. I suspect, (but don't know for sure), that other makes of graphics card have a similar feature accessed in a similar way.

Good luck,



  Stuartli 08:30 07 Jan 04

Somebody provided a link for an XP quickres utility the other day....

  Simsy 08:33 07 Jan 04

I think what I'm refering to is the "quick res" that Jester2K refers to in the previous post.

Sorry I hadn't realised it had already been mentioned.



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