Resolution for a 22inch TFT monitor

  keverne 15:56 23 Jan 08

I'm thinking about buying a 22" TFT monitor and all those I've looked at have a native resolution of 1680*1050.

However my Geforce graphics card lists loads of different resolutions right up to 2048*1536 but 1680*1050 isn't one of them. The nearest is 1600*900 or 1600*1200.

Can anyone explain to me if it is possible to connect a 22" and at what resolution please?

  lisa02 15:58 23 Jan 08

Your system will list the options available for the monitor currently connected.

What card do you have?

  keverne 16:19 23 Jan 08

nVidia Sparkle Geforce 8400 (with a 19" TFT @ 1280*1024) on Vista.

  interzone55 16:47 23 Jan 08

Try downloading the latest drivers for your card, it may introduce new resolutions

  Longhouse 18:11 23 Jan 08

I believe the 22" monitor your looking at is a widescreen? The resolution you list is a native widescreen resolution.

  Longhouse 18:13 23 Jan 08

Sory posted that too quickly! Link to the manual for your card

click here

I haven't looked yet but the manual should tell you if it can support that resolution.

  keverne 18:24 23 Jan 08

In the manual it lists various but not 1680*1050. Apart from 1280*1024 for 19" and 1920*1200 for 24" I'm struggling to identify what TFT resolutions some of the higher ones are for:-

Thanks also to Lisa02 & alan14

  Longhouse 18:36 23 Jan 08

Some interesting articals from a google search

click here

click here

click here

These may help

  keverne 21:02 23 Jan 08

I'm still puzzled though.

  PSF 22:54 23 Jan 08

I use a 22" widescreen monitor. You will find when you install the monitor drivers the new sizes/resolutions will be added. I tend to run mine @ 1440x900 rather than the native 1680x1050. The image is still fine but if you try to go too low eg 800x600 the image is degraded.

  interzone55 09:13 24 Jan 08

My laptop has a GeForce 7600 go graphics on board & runs a native resolution of 1440x900 which is the same 16x10 aspect ratio as your preferred 24" widescreen monitor.

Obviously the driver has been tweaked by Toshiba as I'm only allowed to use the Toshiba drivers, so perhaps your monitor will come with modified drivers

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