Resizing web page for printing

  Enoch 20:15 05 Oct 04

I am running XP Home. I would like to print an information page, but it is a little larger than A4 which is the largest size my printer (Lexmark X75) will print. I must be stupid, but I cannot see how to "reduce to fit paper" instructions, either on my PC or on the printer. All I can find is how to reduce a scanned item, but as the web page I want to print is bigger than A4, I cannot print to scan and reduce. Help would be appreciated

  Dorsai 20:32 05 Oct 04

You could try 'landscape' printing.

or save the page, and open with another program. it might give a bit more choices with the printing options.

  iarno 20:48 05 Oct 04

Have you tried printing in book format. the print is smaller but you can save a lot of paper. when printing has finished fold the paper as in a book

  Thomas Arnold-189246 18:02 17 Oct 04

have what sounds like same problem - if it relates to over-long line lengths which have several cms cut off by the default right margin when printing out.
you can fix this by using File/Page Set-Up, then entering minimum margin dimensions in the dialogue box (which appear to be Left 1.35 Right 1.35mms). You should then get a full- width print. Only problem is that this seems to set default printout dimensions, so even when printing e-mails, you sometimes get them printing virtually edge-to-edge.

  Enoch 18:57 17 Oct 04


Thanks, but I tried that and I still missed some of the page I wanted to print. Unfortunately, the page required was wider than an A4 page, (which is the maximum of my printer). I finally printed the required page in landscape format and then pasted the two landscape pages together. Not the ideal answer, but the only one I could come up with.

Anyway "havvy", thanks for the opinion. If I finally get an answer I will post it on this thread

  Pesala 20:24 17 Oct 04

Opera can scale the page down by 80% or whatever to make it fit. click here

  Pesala 21:10 17 Oct 04
  marjted 21:57 17 Oct 04

click here

Is this of any help?

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