Resize window in HTML / Java

  Paranoid Android 23:52 10 Jan 03
  Paranoid Android 23:52 10 Jan 03


Can someone please explain if there's a way to get HTML or Javascript to force a web browser to detect and change screen resolution, for example to make sure a page is viewed at 800 X 600?



  Sir Radfordin™ 23:55 10 Jan 03

I very much doubt it, and it would seriously annoy the user if there was. This kind of thing may also fall into the "hacking" bracket of computing, you would be chaning settings without permission.

You could design your site to fit all sizes, or several sites and use scripts to direct people to the correct one having detected settings.

  Gaz 25 00:04 11 Jan 03

As above it is hacking. Use a browser zoom feature using java and html to make it fit the browser every time a user displays it.

try click here


click here

and look under the section Browser or Misc or even serch for it.

Hope this helps

  AshW 15:12 11 Jan 03

I'll ask a few people I know, you just have the BG spanned for the extra width - the content page stays at what you say it should. A bit like having 2 borders along the edges.

  Paranoid Android 20:43 11 Jan 03

Thanks Gaz - no Java to speak of, but I got the required result by alternative methods. The tricky part was making the fixed background image resize and centre without tiling, which I accomplished using CSS style sheets. The rest was just a matter of resizing text and tables.

Here's a couple of links I found v useful :

click here

click here


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