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  chippy+ 22:01 09 Jul 06

hi my wife sends photos from my documents/my pictures in the past down on the left side of my documens folder it shows e-mail this file when the photo is clicked then before outlook express opens a box comes up and asks do you want to resize this picture but this does not happen now on both my pc's, op wxp home thanks for any help Chippy

  Stuartli 22:04 09 Jul 06

It resizes it as requested in the e-mail attachment itself.

  Stuartli 22:06 09 Jul 06

You could download the TweakUI Image Resizer Power Toy from the Microsoft website:

click here

  Belatucadrus 22:24 09 Jul 06

Try click here ShrinkPic does the same job as the windows facility, only rather more versatile and handles multiple images better.

  Stuartli 22:27 09 Jul 06

..or the equally proficient PIXResizer from:

click here

or the superb utility Irfanview:

click here

Latter also needs plug-ins downloading.

  skidzy 22:36 09 Jul 06

Google's Picassa2 is easy to use and free click here use the link and take a tour first to find out exactly what it does.I think this will suit your needs as those above will too.

Hope this helps

  skidzy 22:39 09 Jul 06

oops..Picasa 2 click here

  chippy+ 23:08 09 Jul 06

hi thanks to all for the information but i would like to know why the pop up box no longer appears from my documents when e-mail this file is clicked thanks Chippy

  Stuartli 23:45 09 Jul 06

Picassa2 is excellent - in fact I use it myself as my main photo editing aid.

But it's far more than a photo resizing/rename files piece of software and a bit over the top for the purpose mentioned.

  skidzy 23:50 09 Jul 06

I agree Stu,ive found Picasa easy to use and just thought i would give another option for chippy to try.

Yes it is much more than a resizer,but also very handy to have for further purposes,like you say...editing etc.

  Bagsey 11:33 10 Jul 06

I have had your problem. I eventually found a program called MAGIX had been installed on my computer. Dont know where it came from and I dont remember installing it. It was a pest when working with photos so removed it and now all is ok and the popup box appears and works as intended.Might be worth a check down your program listing.

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